Choose your very own white fabric from hundreds of different types. Then dye them with whatever color you like. Reflect on things while gazing at the white fabric; this kind of enjoyment can only be experienced in Tango.

Certified company making this product
Yoshimura-shouten Co.,ltd
304 Ikenomachi, Oike-Agaru, Muromachidori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto,604-0022 JAPAN(Head office)
17 Naniwa, Mineyama-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto, 629-0032, Japan(Mineyama branch)
+81 -75-221-1156(Head office)
+81 -772-62-1100(Mineyama branch)
+81 -772-62-5289(Mineyama branch)

Ever since our founding in 1830, we have conducted business while being long supported by many people. We deal in many different fabrics including embroidery, pongee, classics, silk gauze, and even some eccentric fabrics that are made out of wild silk, gold thread, silver thread, or Asian royal fern thread; there are hundreds of varieties available. We strive for proactive craftsmanship by adding some “Tango Chirimen love” to the trust and experience we have cultivated up to this point.

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