Ro and Sha (a kind of silk gauze) fabrics that enthrall with high-grade transparency, overflowing with cool feeling. The traditional technique of “Leno-woven” that creates space between yarns, is TANGO’s forte. This rare sense of transparency creates a clear beauty.

Certified company making this product
Yasuda Textile Co., Ltd.
811-2 Ushirono, Yosano-cho, yosa-gun, Kyoto, 629-2404, Japan
+81 -772-43-0151
+81 -772-43-0152

We at Yasuda Textiles have been making Tango Chirimen for over 60 years in the areas of Tango and Greater Kyoto. Even within Tango Chirimen itself, there are the summer goods “ro” and “sha”, both of which we are experienced in making. The basic leno weave, a high level process where the warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns, allows for complicated designs and a unique transparency resulting in extremely intricate textile fabrics.
It is no wonder why this technique has been utilized toward interior design, fashion, and the development of stoles and the like in recent years.

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