Tango Chirimen Featured in “Yumi Katsura Couture Collection” !

Toshikazu Iwaya, a designer who came to Tango this February (2019) as a part of the “300 Years of Tango Chirimen” project, recently utilized Tango fabrics in the “Yumi Katsura Couture Collection”, a collection of which he is the creative director.

25 pieces from this collection exhibited “The Beauty of Japanese Calligraphy” at the Intercontinental Le Grand Paris on July 1st 2019. The pieces were masterfully made to fit the theme “The Poetry of Suminagashi” using traditional Japanese techniques.


「2019 AW Yumi Katsura Couture Collection」

Fabrics Used: TAMIYA RADEN Ltd.

※  TANGO OPEN Designated Organization
※  PVC was interweaved with silk using the traditional Japanese technique “ Hikihaku ”